Plump your Pout : How to get fuller Lips Like Angelina Jolie

Every women wants full, plump and sensual lips like Angelina Jolie. The lips are in trend from the time of Marilyn Monroe. As lips give the face the youthful look, plumper lips are one of the most sought after facial assets. Some women are gifted with fuller lips, but majority are not.

Scientists in Scotland have given credibility to the long-held belief that a woman’s lips are a highly visible expression of her fertility and sexuality.

Above all, the properties of the lips change with age, resulting in lengthening of the cutaneous portion of the upper lip. The upper lip vermillion gradually lose volume and become thinner. Aging, sun exposure, smoking, and exposure to air pollutants adds to lip woes.

So…what’s the solution ?

Many products are available in market to correct the shape of the lips. This includes permanent and nonpermanent dermal fillers, implants, neurotoxins, lasers, and micropigmentation.

Understand little bit about Lip anatomy

Three aspects of the lips vary in men and women and by geographic population:

  • Size (full or thin)
  • Curvature (sinuous or straight)
  • Eversion (turning out or in)

All three can be modified through lip enhancement surgery.

little bit about Lip anatomy

Lips are made up of skin, muscle and mucosa. The most cosmetically apparent portion of the lip is the vermilion border. This colored border between the lips and the surrounding skin exists only in humans. The skin of the lip is very thin compared to the skin on the rest of the face, which typically runs up to 16 layers deep.

Temporary Lip Fillers

Many substances are used to temporarily enlarge the lips. They are made up of either natural or synthetic materials.  They are also known as soft tissue fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers are most frequently used for this procedure. They come in prepackaged vials that are ready to inject and are approved by the FDA for lip augmentation in adults 21 years old and older. The effect can last upto six months. Collagen is also used at times, but can cause allergic reaction. Fat transfer is another option and may last longer than hyaluronic acid or collagen, but requires the surgeon to take a small amount of fat from another area of own body.

Lip implants

Lip implants last longer than fillers and can give perfect look. Implants are normally performed under local anesthesia. Widely used lip implant is made from a substance called ‘expanded polytetrafluoroethylene’ (ePTFE) a sterile, rubber-like material. Silicone lip implants are also available. They are like small silicone tubes and are inserted into the lip with the help of a minor surgical procedure. Silicone lip implants offer a long term solution to lip enhancement, but throws up side effects.

Lip Plumper Pump

Lip Plumper is an ingenious, hand-operated lip enhancer. It is powered by an ancient Chinese Cupping suction technique . Without using chemicals or needles it enlarges the lips . The stunning shaping and contouring of the lips are made possible by a Lip-Shaper system. It’s easy to use anytime and anywhere. Reports prove that lip volume increased by 36% from their original sizes after using lip plumper for just two minutes twice daily over a period of 60 days. One can easily buy this product from online portals like Amazon.

Lip Plumper is an ingenious, hand-operated lip enhancer. It is powered by an ancient Chinese Cupping suction technique that enlarges the lips without using chemicals or needles.

Bee Venom based Lip enhancer creams

Bee Venom based Lip Plumper works by tricking the lip area into thinking it’s been lightly stung by a bee. As a result collagen production and blood circulation increases. This leave the lips plumper. These Lip enhancer creams are cheap and give instant fuller lips. This product is touted as “natural Botox” by many brands.

 The natural way

Many women won’t have the money or inclination to go for costly procedures.  Don’t worry…you can go the natural way

Cayenne pepper plumper

Cayenne pepper is rich in vitamin E.  It is known to stimulate blood flow. Mix cayenne pepper with olive oil. Let the mix stay on lips for five minutes for best results.

Cocoa Peppermint Plumper

Mix 4-6 drops of peppermint essential oil to raw cocoa butter and apply directly on your lips. The best part is one need not wash it off and it is also great for chapped lips.

Salt and Cinnamon plumper

Mix half a teaspoon of cinnamon with the same proportion of salt. Also add a tablespoon of petroleum jelly.  Apply it all over the lips. Wipe off the petroleum jelly from the lips after five minutes. Apply some fresh Beetroot juice all over the lips. In the morning, take fresh petroleum jelly and apply it as a light coating over the lips. Follow this  for a month to get plumped up lips.

So go ahead, pick your favorite from the above mentioned approaches and get the perfect pout……

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