2017 kicks off with new organ discovery inside human body : “The mesentery”

So we have now a total of 79 organs including the new one, the mesentery

Mesentery ?

The mesentery is a belt of tissue that holds our intestines in place.  It was earlier thought to be a fragmented structures in the digestive system.

Mesentery is one single band of tissue, beginning at the pancreas and continuing down through the small intestine and colon. It wraps around these vital organs to hold them tight and help them maintain their structure. It is made of a folded-over ribbon of peritoneum, a type of tissue usually found lining the abdominal cavity,  researchers at the University Hospital Limerick reveals.

By recognizing the anatomy and the structure of the mesentery, scientists can now focus on learning more about how the organ functions. In addition, they can also learn about diseases associated with the mesentery.” If you understand the function, you can identify abnormal function, and then you have disease,” Coffey said.

Gray’s Anatomy, the world’s most famous medical textbook, has been updated to include the new definition.

The organ’s reclassification findings have been published in ‘The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology’.

“In the paper, which has been peer reviewed and assessed, we are now saying we have an organ in the body which hasn’t been acknowledged as such to date,” Coffey said.

Strangely, it was described by the Italian polymath Leanardo da Vinci in 1508, but it has been ignored throughout the centuries.

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  1. March 28, 2018

    […] Researchers have discovered a completely new human organ, which they named “Interstitium”. Scientist believe that this organ may play a role in cancer. This discovery is happening exactly after an year after the discovery of organ number 79 Mesentery. […]

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