3D Bioprinted Organs: Future of Healthcare


Family members started panicking once they heard their beloved one needed an organ replacement, but not the doctor. He said, nothing to worry. Our 3D Bioprinting machine will create the new organ you need. Though we have not yet reached this day, but we are very close. There has been considerable and commendable progress in the field of bioprinting in terms of creating transplantable tissues in regenerative medicine.

Using 3D bioprinting, researchers have already constructed several different tissues including bone, skin, cartilage, muscle, tracheal splints and neural. Organovo, one of the most active companies in the 3D bioprinting, has developed a bioprinting process that takes cells from donor organs and turns it into a printable bio-ink. The company has successfully bioprinted liver and kidney tissues. These tissues would be now used to test drugs. This in itself is a milestone as most of the drug studies are carried out using animal models which many a times leads to erroneous and inconclusive results.

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