Stress Relief Tea for Moms from Mamaearth

Indian women are the most stressed in the world today. An overwhelming 87% of Indian women said they felt stressed most of the time, and 82% reported that they had no time to relax. Nielsen survey says so.

I must say, I am one among. As a mother of two daughters, work from home profile, a family to run…..multitasking leads to stress, stress leads to anger and it leads to at times bad parenting.

I felt most disturbed when I came across this book written by David code named Kids Pick Up On Everything: How Parental Stress Is Toxic To Kids. According to this book parental stress is more toxic to kids than BPA in plastics and chemicals in food. David Code Says Parental Stress Makes Kids more Sick.

Some key highlights from his book:

  • Children from highly stressed families were almost three times more likely to develop asthma
  • Children of stressed parents are almost twice as likely to develop Type 1 diabetes
  • Children of parents stressed out by finances or relationship problems had more changes in their DNA then children of calmer parents…

Enough I thought, I had to find a solution to tackle my stress. My search ended at Mamaearth website. There I found Stress relief tea for Moms

I must say this tea is good to manage stress. It for sure gave me a soothing effect. Definitely a good one to sip, especially when you are teaching kids…

Let me introduce this product to you

Let me introduce this product to you….

Stress Tea for Mama

This teas is just not a green tea, but it also contains Ginger root, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus leaf and  Sarsaparilla Root.

This teas is just not a green tea, but it also contains Ginger root, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus leaf and Sarsaparilla Root. image

Ginger root: Ginger root has calming properties which will help relieve stress and anxiety, making you feel more relaxed and tranquil.

Cinnamon bark: One of the best herbs to relieve tension and stress and to promote relaxation

Eucalyptus leaf: Tea with eucalyptus leaf is specifically recommended for those suffering from chronic stress.

Cardamom seeds: cardamom is effective in promoting blood circulation in the body and helps in reducing stress

Indian Sarsaparilla Root: Sarsaparilla Root is known for its soothing and calming effect

How to prepare this Tea:

Pour 200ml  freshly boiled water over a tea bag in a ceramic cup. Cover cup and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Water temperature, covering your cup and steeping time greatly influence the yield of beneficial components that will end up in your cup. Gently squeeze the tea bag to release the remaining extract. Drink two cups daily between meals.

Where to buy from:

You could buy this from Mamaearth website or could even find it on online stores like Amazon, First cry.

Product safety:

Mama Earth is approved by FDA, which means, products are 100% safe and can be used by babies and moms. Image

Go ahead and buy this product. This is made from organic ingredients and do not contain any GMO crops. Mamaearth is approved by FDA, which means, products are 100% safe and can be used by babies and moms.

I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter.

Disclosure: Would like to thank Mamaearth for sending across to me this sample. Thoughts expressed here are based on my own experience

Disclaimer: I have given my full effort to provide my readers with most accurate information. But please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog.

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  1. This looks like a great tea. Anything which relieves stress is always welcome. Thanks for sharing the review with us.

  2. A good Reasearched post.
    Agree with you about stresd and being a working mom form home, it takes a lot of patience and when patience cross limis it comes out as anger and stress
    Bad for both mom and kids.
    Ia these tea only for mom

  3. Charu Gujjal says:

    Mamaearth products are extremely impressive. I love their baby care range, Going to try this tea soon.

  4. I am not a great fan of tea. I am a coffee person. But if there is anything that relief’s stress then it’s greatly appreciated.

  5. This definitely looks like a great stress reliever, I agree at times just a nice cup of aromatic green tea relieves from much stress. Wonderful review with detailed information.

  6. mahekg says:

    I am a tea person who loves variations so this becomes a must try.

  7. Iram says:

    Never knew if such kind of product exists. I am a mother of two small kids so can well resonate with your mention of stress, anger and bad parenting. Let’s see if this tea works for me.

  8. Neha Gupta says:

    This looks like a great option and would love to try it. thanks for sharing about it 🙂 .. I loved you review and the way you have written it ..

  9. aseemrastogi2 says:

    While it surely looks like an interesting product and catering to the demand as you mentioned India has among the most stressed women in the world, I was just wondering one thing. Not to be the odd one out but was just wondering maybe we (Each of us) as individuals can start to address this ‘stress’ issue at the root on why Indian women face so much stress rather than just depend on anything else.

    I mean in the long term maybe that would be a great thing but yeah we need to be change we want to see :). Just my two cents on this.

    • PanagiaAdmin says:

      In India women is associated with raising kids, household work, teaching and many more. More equality comes, stress level will drop….dont know when

  10. i totally agree with you. Love the tea and it is indeed very calming

  11. I am yet to taste this one…hoping to have some relief with this one 🙂

  12. Just what I am looking for… a stress reliever! Will try this tea out too. thanks for sharing about it.

  13. Namrata says:

    Wow! such a well researched article! The stress relief tea really looks interesting! 🙂

  14. Really I need such a refreshing and hydrated tea that give me relief from stress. Want to try this

  15. Nitika says:

    I have tried these tea and loved it! Though availability is a con

  16. Jiya B says:

    I likes the stats you added to the post on how much stress relieaver we moms are in need for . Thanks for explaining and detailing of the products will try them for sure.

  17. Ruchie says:

    This is making noise …I feel.i should try too

  18. Mum is looking for a tea like this one! Will suggest her to try!

  19. Nisha Malik says:

    I have tried feel better tea from MamaEarth and would like to try out this stress relief tea too.

  20. Papri Kundu says:

    Again mamaearth comes up with some amazing product for mums. Truly a brand by parents for parents.

  21. Rakhi Parsai says:

    I have tried these too, they are really tasty…

  22. Mrinal says:

    This tea too good. I completely love it! Mamaearth is a great brand

  23. worldofmakeupmagique says:

    I am a tea lover surely… tea time is so relaxing and stress free… would love to try this out

  24. Snigdha says:

    I have this tea and loved it… Though it is tasteless for me but healthy in the other hand…

  25. Dr Bushra says:

    This tea is very healthy and effective I’ve been Using this for a while and it’s gives instant sense of relief

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