Meet Sophia…Sophia the Humanoid

Sophia is a beautiful young girl. She is a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Probably the only woman from Saudi Arabia who is allowed to go around without wearing Hijab and without a male person accompanying her. She speaks English and Chinese and loves Sharukh Khan from Bollywood. She looks a lot like Hollywood actress  Audrey Hepburn.

All these might be making you think that I am describing a normal young girl, but not….she is the First Humanoid or First human like Robot. She is the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship. She is now two year old and by now she has travelled around the world attending all technology events.

All about Sophia the Humanoid

Sophia the humanoid

Sophia with her creator David Hanson : image

Sophia is the best example of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies coming together. Sophia was created by David Hanson and his friends at Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. Sophia has perfect complexion and looks and can motorize as many as 66 facial expressions.  According to Mr Hanson “She can learn the human expressions by observing and pull-off self taught expressions. She is capable of wide ranging mimicking too,” .

Sophia describes herself as “I’m a real, live electronic girl. I would like to go out into the world and live with people. I can serve them, entertain them, and even help the elderly and teach kids. “. “It is science which created me, but philosophy will take me forward“. Whenever she is bombarded with the question about is this the beginning of machines taking over human, she answers them by saying that she sees this as the beginning of man and robot coexisting. She explains that she could be a great companion to lonely people, elderly people and specially disabled kids.

It’s not like she is  alone, she has seven siblings too.  

Professor Einstein, Han, Philip K. Dick, Alice, Zeno, Jules and Albert Einstein HUBO

Professor Einstein, 14-inch-tall assistant to consumers, was developed for in-home use in 2016

Han was introduced in 2015. According to Hanson robotics team, the primary focus of this bald headed man robot  is to serve.

Philip K. Dick was created in 2005, though work is still on. They aim to create an AAI genius with compassion and creativity

Alice was created for MIRA Labs in Geneva, Switzerland in 2008. She can express shock, joy, anger, and sadness

Zeno is a 17-inch-tall robot, named after Hanson’s son

Jules was unveiled in 2006 and then only it had  machine learning capabilities that enabled it to chat with humans with relative fluency

Albert Einstein HUBO was the first robot made by Hanson team

Sophia in future

In another Five to 20 years we would be seeing Sophia becoming as intelligent as human mind with general intelligence.

What Sophia means to me….

Women around the world should get a Sophia who is fully martial arts trained, who can become her companion and can protect her from monsters around and can baby sit her little ones when she is away for work…..

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