All about Lymbc, the World’s First Virtual Analyst

This is the age of virtual assistants or digital assistants. Task list like sending mails, scheduling meetings, creating reminders no longer needs human personal assistants. Imagine virtual assistant replacing the most sexiest job of 20th century, of a ‘Data scientist’. Without the help of data scientist enterprises cannot comprehend the bigdata, at the same time every decision maker cannot overnight become a data scientist. The way out would be to get a Virtual Data Scientist. Understanding this business need well ahead, Lymbyc (formerly known as Ma Foi Analytics) have developed a one of a kind  solution – “Lymbyc -World’s First Virtual Analyst“.

Machine learning,  Natural Language Processing  and patent pending querying language MIRA (Machine Intelligence for Research & Analytics) powers Lymbyc ‘ Virtual Data Scientist’. It works like a virtual analyst and support organizations to perform data discovery and generate predictive insights. This platform allow users to perform data summarization, exploratory analysis,  predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics on the fly. A key feature of Lymbyc is that, it has been able to seamlessly integrate text knowledge from different data sources like market research, transactional data and social media.

Lymbyc performs the task given in three steps; Cumulate, Curate and Communicate

World's First Virtual Analyst

Lymbyc performs the task given in three steps; Cumulate, Curate and Communicate : Image

In Cumulate stage all different data sources are integrated and information is extracted, in Curate stage ML and AI systems are applied on data collected to decipher new patterns, insights and forecasts. This is a continuous process and patterns and insights changes dynamically with new data feeds. Finally  in Communicate stage the findings are depicted in the form of dynamic graphs, reports and tables. A user could further drill down these results by adding, modifying or changing the study parameters or can quickly go back and ask the platform a completely different question.

Since this tool is powered by NLP, the user need not be familiar with machine learning or artificial intelligence. One can with free hand type the question in the query box and then relax. Another key feature of this tool is the fast pace at which it generates the results. We are living in the midst of data deluge. Every minute terabytes of data is churned out from media, market research, social media etc. Any enterprise that deals with consumers will have to comprehend data from all these data sources before determining project progress and impact. This when done with  tools currently in market and with best data scientists takes weeks. This same task when done with Lymbyc, gets finished in few hours!!. Its indeed remarkable as it can speed up decision making, improve work efficiency and reduce cost of running the business.

Pharma industry is one sector which will benefit the maximum from Lymbyc. Drug discovery process could be probably one of the most complex process which spreads over more than ten year period and in due course accumulates tons of data in the form of research proofs, toxicity studies, clinical trial studies etc. Lymbyc can bring together all the 4Vs – volume, variety, velocity and veracity to deliver decisive insights. Human-like comprehension against terabytes of data becomes a reality with Lymbyc. With Lymbyc in action, we must be seeing  drastic reduction in time taken for drug molecule to reach the shelf.

Lymbyc currently supports consumer technology business like healthcare and business functions like sales and marketing in addition to Pharma. In some time from now we will see this platform getting deployed in varied business scenarios. If anyone who is reading this is an Ironman  fan, they would have surely noticed Jarvis ( Just A Rather Very Intelligent System), the intelligent assistant of Tony Stark. The founders of this virtual AI tool want Lymbyc to become like Jarvis, supporting its business heads and leaders in executing business tasks.

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