A Health Community Platform for New Age Women

We are new age tech savvy, digitally driven women living in a super fast world. Though we are connected all the time through social media and apps, research says that women of this age are more lonely than ever. Work pressure, child rearing, career aspirations and many more have taken away from women of this age time to bond, share, laugh and communicate.

The above story is very much true in my case. I am a mother to two daughters, a blogger, data scientist, home maker and many more. In the process of trying to excel in all these roles (I emphasize the word trying…I am no superwoman) I fail to connect with my friends and do not know whom to turn to when I need some guidance in maintaining good health. So I thought I must find a good online platform that can play the role of my health counselor.

My search stopped at Sheroes. SHEROES is a secure growth and networking platform exclusively for aspiring women who want more from life. Through digital way and offline medium,  SHEROES  helps women in overall growth. The fact that 3 million women uses Sheroes to connect, share and grow is enough to prove that this platform is ideal for a woman like me. So I went ahead and joined their Health community group.


As a Health community member I get the following benefits:

  1. Ability to connect to women of my age at any time of the day

This is the best thing I must say. At any time of the day we come across a health problem, whether its pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, newborn care, midlife health, breast health, fertility, pelvic health related, just type the question and we will have members of the group sharing their answers, opinions right away. This is really helpful and all the more can be followed with trust, as people share the suggestions and opinions based on their own firsthand experience


Connect to women of my age at any time of the day

  1. Get to hear from experts and doctors

It’s just not peers who respond to the question, but doctors and experts are part of this group and they step in to give their suggestions. I found this really beneficial, as I was able to get views from an expert, without spending a penny and without stepping out of my house !!

  1. Option to communicate by staying as anonymous

As women we face many health issues. A lot we are hesitant to ask, thinking what others might think. Sheroes understood this need of women and has given the option to post your question as anonymous. Voila ! post all your questions related to sexual wellness, menstrual problems and pregnancy issues and get answers from experts and experienced women.


Option to communicate by staying as anonymous

  1. Option to ask questions privately

This is another great feature. There are moments in life or situations in life where we find ourselves alone. What we need would be a person to share our problem or agony. Sheroes gives an option to talk to SHEROES counsellor in private.


  1. If you have your phone with you, then you will have Sheroes Health community with you

Truly. One need not switch on the laptops and browse through the website. Sheroes is now available as an app. It is available on Android Phone for free.


To get your Sheroes app, just click here

I think as a reader you would agree with me on the benefits of joining Sheroes Health community.  Sheroes platform is helpful, supportive, informative and above all engaging. So just go ahead and click on this link and join the community. Since Sheroes allows you to connect with Facebook credentials, joining will take just a single click.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sheroes platform

Disclosure: This is a promotional post

Disclaimer: I have done my part of research to provide my readers with most precise information. But request you to  use your judgment before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog.

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