5 Top Rated Home based Lab tests providers from India

This is the age of getting services delivered at home, whether its grocery or beauty treatment or even education. Healthcare is fast catching up with this mode of delivery. Now one need not go to hospital, wait in long queues to get blood tests done, nor need to run from lab to lab to get all the reports. In addition to these benefits many a times consultation with doctors come along with this package as free.

In summary it would mean, sit at home and relax and get your health report delivered at home with actionable insights. Works well for new generation people who have no time to spare.

Advantages of opting for Home based Lab tests

  • Sample Collection happens at Home
  • Results are easy to understand and include actionable insights to improve health
  • Consultation with an expert doctor based on consumer’s convenience
  • Can access the report anytime from anywhere
  • The ease of using this service helps to monitor health at regular intervals without hospital visits

At the same time one need to understand that, Lab test is not like buying clothes or groceries. One need to understand the fact that laboratory tests play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and disease treatment. It is said that 70% of all decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, hospitalization and discharge are based on lab tests. So one need to choose the best one and not just the cheapest one.

Let me list out for you best Home based Lab Test Services from India

5 Top Rated Home based Lab tests

Let me list out for you best Home based Lab Test Services from India


Portea is one among the pioneer firm to offer Home based Lab Test Services in India. There phlebotomist comes home to collect blood and urine sample and send the report back through email. One can access the report anytime by logging into own account from their browser page. They provide various packages to suit different needs of people like Diabetes Health Check up Package, Executive Health Check up for Men, Executive Health Check up for Women etc. They get their tests done in Govt accredited labs and one can avail their services in tier I and tier II cities. They have packages with 70-80 tests and starts at around 1600 Rs.


Thyrocare processes 60,000 samples and above 2.5 lakhs investigations every day. There service can be availed in more than 2000 cities. They provide best quality service and employ well qualified Pathologists, Biochemists, Scientists and Technologists.  There Centralized Processing Laboratory in Navi Mumbai has a capacity to process over 50,000 samples in a day. They offer separate wellness packages for men and women. Their mini arogyam package with 39 tests comes at 500 Rs.

Dr Lal Path labs

Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd is another well known online diagnostic and healthcare tests provider. They have been in the market for more than 60 years. Like their competitors they too provide various test packages for men and women. Their basic plan which includes screening for diseases related to thyroid, heart as well as those related to diabetes and blood count comes at 800 Rs. They have a special plan for women, which in addition to above mentioned disorders also checks for Menstrual irregularities, Hypogonadism, Ovulation, Infertility, Pituitary disorders. This test costs 1699 Rs.


Metropolis is another old player who has entered the Home based Lab Test Service market. They carry out each year 30 million tests with accuracy. They provide the option to collect sample even from office. They have classified their lab test packages into four – Youth package, Master package, Senior package and Health total. People from Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Surat can avail there services.

Apollo Diagnostics

Apollo Diagnostics, a part of trusted healthcare brand Apollo, too provide Home based Lab Test Service. At this moment their services can be availed in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. They provide a total of 15 different lab test packages and price starts from  450 Rs.

Word of caution

With coming in of new age technology and health awareness, Home based Lab Test Service is going to grow into a multimillion dollar business. We will see many more players and price wars. But here the consumer must be careful as you might get cheated. One must be able to recognize the potential tradeoffs between quality and convenience.  Stay updated and be alert against bogus tests and false results.  

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  1. I have very little knowledge about this but yes home based lab test service is now a days quite popular in metropolitan cities and this kind of services save our time. Thanks for the very useful and informative post.

  2. Really these home based services are very helpful for those not able to go for routine test or check ups. And these are time consuming also. Used these home based services many times. Dr. Lal path lab is one of my most used name. Very informative post for many who dnt know about this. Thanks for sharing the list. Even i wasnt know so many .

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    I use Dr. Lal for thyroid regular screening but I fail to understand if there is any difference among these service providers apart from rate difference.

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