MOO-ve over Cow’s milk: 5 Popular Substitutes for dairy milk

5 Popular Substitutes for dairy milk


Cow’s milk is no longer considered as a complete food. It is no longer the milk people from 19th century consumed – raw and natural.  These days, milk comes from cows that are injected with growth hormone and have been fed with antibiotics. In addition to these facts if you are an animal lover, you will for sure stop drinking milk after seeing the process of milking using teat cups. Number of people not opting for cow’s milk will run into millions if we include even vegans, those allergic to milk and people with lactose intolerance.

One can choose from any of the below mentioned milk from Plant Source as an alternative

Now consumers can choose their favorite from wide variety of plant-based “milks” derived from sources, including nuts, seeds, legumes, and cereal grains. Though they are made to look like cow’s milk they are basically suspensions of dissolved and disintegrated plant material and extracts in water.

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