Approach Breast cancer with active surveillance

High time we move from disease care to preventive care


Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer detected in Indian women.  This cancer topped the chart in 2016 with 1,50,000 new cases ( Indian Council of Medical Research). According to the ICMR, 1 out of 22 women in India is diagnosed with breast cancer. While majority of breast cancer patients in western countries are postmenopausal and in their 60s and 70s, in India the average age is around 40-45.


High time we move from disease care to preventive care. This can be done by increasing disease awareness, initiating population-based breast cancer screening programs and making  breast screening available at more hospitals and healthcare centers at less cost. Through breast surveillance, cancers can be detected early when they are small and have not spread to lymph nodes making breast conservation possible as well causing reduction in mortality from breast cancer.

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