Blog and Earn 1000 Rs Amazon Gift coupon

Blog for ScienceandSamosa and Earn 1000 Rs Amazon Gift coupon
Blog for ScienceandSamosa and Earn 1000 Rs Amazon Gift coupon

Biologist, Life science experts, Molecular Biologists, Biochemists……this is a shout out for you folks. Normally you spend your life behind lab benches or engrossed in research papers. This is the opportunity for you all to connect with real people….

Is there is a writer hidden in you, are you good in explaining your research work to common man, are you good in making people understand the science behind daily stuff….then don’t wait…just mail your blog piece to scienceandsamosa and win 1000 Rs Amazon gift voucher.

Who can Participate:

Anyone from Life Science background and residing in India can participate

Requirements you need to meet to publish your Blog with ScienceandSamosa

  1. You can write on any topic related to Health, Wellness, Parenting, Being women
  2. The Blog should fall within following categories
  • Wellness & Science
  • Disease & Science
  • Health & Data Science
  • Service & Science
  • Learning Corner
  1. Blog must be pertaining to day to day life and must be explained in simple words
  2. Each Blog piece need to be 600-1500 word long
  3. Content must be free of plagiarism. You can mention reference links by inserting them within the text
  4. Any images that need to be part of the content must be provided. The image must be shared separately and must be of 800px X 600px or 1080px X 1080px. You can also provide images for social media promotion, but it’s not mandatory (instagram/Twitter/Facebook)
  5. Blog posts must be sent in Microsoft Word format
  6. You need to follow ScienceandSamosa Social media links:

Recognition for the author:

The author of the blog will be introduced at the end of the blog. One link will be provided to authors blog, website or LinkedIn

Blog for ScienceandSamosaand Win....Amazon Gift Voucher
Blog for ScienceandSamosa and Win….Amazon Gift Voucher

Blog Selection process:

  1. Mail your entry @
  2. Each blog piece will be judged for its content strength and quality. Will be judged to see whether it goes well with the theme of this Blog
  3. In a week’s time it will be let known to the author whether its approved or not
  4. Once its approved and agreed on same content should not be shared with any other blog or online or print media

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Sunshine Blogger Award goes to ScienceandSamosa…WoW

Sunshine Blogger award goes to ScienceandSamosa

Sunshine Blogger Award winner, an award given by a blogger  to another  blogger , Oscar of Blogging world !!!.  Thrilled and Ecstatic. Thank you very much Hannah Shipley of TheMessyMom for nominating me. It feels good to be recognized. 

Here are the answers to 11 Questions that was asked to me:

What is the goal for your blog?

Science is always treated as a boring or dreadful subject, but science is involved in everything we do in our day to day life. My aim is to bring to my readers the science behind everything that happens around us in a simplified way. I want to reignite the curiosity in my reader.

What or who inspires you?

Who other can Inspire one, other than the Mighty Lord, who created this universe. The more I learn science, the more I adore him.

What does a day in your life look like?

Image: One Person, Many Jobs

How did you find or decide on your niche?

I always loved science. So there was no doubt on deciding my niche.

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