Science and Pressure cooker

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How Pressure cooker works
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Pressure cooking is the process of cooking food fast, using water or any other cooking liquid, in a vessel with its lid tightly on. Pressure cookers are used for cooking food faster than open cooking methods and also saves energy. Pressure cooking requires much less water than normal boiling.This vessel/pot is there at everybody’s house. But how many of you really understand ‘how it works’.

Pressure cooker science

The pressure cooker owes it to Ideal Gas Law or combined gas law, PV = nRT,  basically states that Pressure times volume is equal to the number of moles of a gas times the gas constant times temperature.

If one was to increase the temperature, then pressure would naturally increase.  Since Volume is held at a constant in a semi-sealed pressure cooker, then pressure must rise along with the rising temperature.



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