What is Clean Eating ? How to begin Eating Clean ?

Start clean eating

Clean eating is all about opting for healthy, whole, unprocessed food. It means removing from your plate refined grains, additives, preservatives, unhealthy fats and large amounts of added sugar and salt. Clean eating is the best and simple option available to lose weight and boost overall health. Clean eating is not a fad diet, but a way of life, based on the foods you choose and way you dish it out.

Clean eating do not restrict anyone on food intake, and one can enjoy  full range of foods from low carb to high carb food. Clean eating is all about eating “real” or “naturally grown” foods. 

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Everything you wanted to know about Human milk bank or ‘liquid gold’ bank

Human milk bank


Human milk bank is all about collecting, screening and distributing human milk donated by women. According to WHO, if mother is unable to breastfeed a baby, the best option is to opt for milk from a human milk bank and not formula milk. Though Human milk banking started informally almost a hundred years ago, the first human milk bank was set up in the United States in mid 1980s. India got its first human milk bank in Mumbai in 1989.

Even then many are not aware of the benefits of human milk bank or about the existence of milk bank. In India lot of social stigma is associated with donating and accepting breast milk. For many it is difficult to accept the thought of feeding their baby with someone else’s milk.  This need to change, if we need to save the lives of millions of new born babies. Especially since according to the World Health Organisation, approximately 13 percent (3.5 million) of the 27 million babies born in India annually are preterm and 28 percent (7.6 million) are born with low birth weight.

What is a Human milk bank:

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8 Subscription based magazine for Children in India

8 Subscription based magazine for Children in India

In this age of technology, where children are surrounded with gadgets and gizmos, it is indeed difficult to instill in them an interest for reading.  But truth is reading interesting articles, stories and facts and engaging in solving puzzles, crosswords, quiz games will nurture their brain and fill them with creative and imaginative thoughts.  It also helps in developing strong vocabulary, cognitive and communication skills. With their minds always looking for fresh content and curious minds always looking for newer challenges, the best option available for parents is to opt for subscription magazines. Every edition of these magazine will have in it stored for kids some surprise element and some intriguing chronicles. The way these magazines compile stories, trivia, brain teasers, riddles, quizzes, logic problem etc makes them most perfect for young readers.

Let’s look at some good magazines which are available for kids in India. You can choose the best one based on your child’s interest.

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The Best and Worst Sleeping Position for your Health

Common sleeping postures


Your sleeping position could be the cause of your back and neck pain, stomach troubles, snoring, even premature aging and wrinkles. You doubt….. “Eighty percent of the population will develop back problems at some point during their lives oftentimes caused or aggravated by the way they sleep,” says a senior orthopedic spine surgeon.

So getting seven hours of sleep alone is not enough, but knowing the right posture that suits your body pattern too is important.

There are three main positions when in bed:

  • On the back
  • On the side
  • On the stomach

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Spark your Childs Imagination with Noisy Newton!

Noisy newton


Are you a parent looking for new and unique options to spark the creative expression and innovation in your child?

Are you exploring how to incite analytical thinking and love for science in your kid?

If yes, you must surely give Noisy Newton a try!

As a mom to two ever curious children, I always gravitate towards interactive learning products that not only challenge small minds alike, but they don’t require batteries or electronics & much paraphernalia from home. I love activity driven products that keep my kids intrigued and interested.

A great way to science learning is through an intellectually designed, well crafted activity box. With the Newton box, your kid’s ideas are bound to multiply and creative play would a way of discovering life around them, without coercion. The point which gives Noisy Newton an extra brownie compared to rest of the activity boxes in market is that this product is designed around science concepts and it is tailor-made to invoke applied thinking and problem solving skills in kids.

And that is what got me intrigued about Noisy Newton.

The Noisy Newton activity boxes are designed painstakingly to make children discover science in real world scenarios with awe.

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MOO-ve over Cow’s milk: 5 Popular Substitutes for dairy milk

5 Popular Substitutes for dairy milk


Cow’s milk is no longer considered as a complete food. It is no longer the milk people from 19th century consumed – raw and natural.  These days, milk comes from cows that are injected with growth hormone and have been fed with antibiotics. In addition to these facts if you are an animal lover, you will for sure stop drinking milk after seeing the process of milking using teat cups. Number of people not opting for cow’s milk will run into millions if we include even vegans, those allergic to milk and people with lactose intolerance.

One can choose from any of the below mentioned milk from Plant Source as an alternative

Now consumers can choose their favorite from wide variety of plant-based “milks” derived from sources, including nuts, seeds, legumes, and cereal grains. Though they are made to look like cow’s milk they are basically suspensions of dissolved and disintegrated plant material and extracts in water.

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Gaming Disorder: A real mental health condition

gaming disorder or mental illness

International Classification of Diseases defines Gaming Disorder as a mental health condition wherein people have trouble controlling the amount of time they spend playing digital or video games. They prioritize gaming over other activities, have less social interactions and experience negative effects from their gaming behaviors.

They also warn that people with gaming disorder, because of remaining physically inactive for extended time period, are at high risk to become obese and develop  sleep problems,  stomach ailments and other health issues. Addicted players might also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that causes pain and numbness in the hands and wrists. They will also develop dry eyes, headaches, back and neck aches.

Five signs of gaming disorder:

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10 Powerful Food Pairing that can help you gain Incredible Health

10 Powerful Food Pairing : Food synergy


When we speak about the benefits of any food item, we normally speak about it in isolation. But truth is food like any other thing in life, works the best, when they team up with right partner or combination. Taking food as pair is so beneficial that it can work like 1 + 1 giving 4. According to Elaine Magee, author of the book food synergy, “By eating foods that have a synergistic effect, you can absorb more nutrients, gain control of your appetite, and lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and weight-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes.”

So let’s explore some incredible “Food pair”

Tomato and Beans

Beans serves as a great source of non-heme iron. Body but is not very capable to absorb the non-heme form of iron. This can change, if beans is taken along with a food rich in vitamin C like tomatoes. Vitamin C  present in tomato can significantly increase absorption of non-heme iron. So next time you take some beans, add some tomatoes too.

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What is IQ and Which are the most commonly used tests to measure IQ ?

What is IQ


The moment you hear about IQ, the name that comes to your mind is Albert Ensitein. His IQ was around 160 and 190. But it is William James Sidis who holds the record with an IQ score between 250-300. At the age of 11 he presented his study on 4-dimensional physics at Harvard !.

What is IQ

Intelligence Quotient is a measure of a person’s ability to solve complex problems and absorb and memorize new things quickly. It measure’s individual’s intelligence relative to peers of similar age. IQ tests came into existence  in France in the 1900s to identify students who required special assistance in schools. Sir Alfred Binet devised the test initially, which was later modified by David Weschler from US. He included 4 areas of intelligence namely verbal Comprehension Index, a Perceptual Reasoning Index, a Working Memory Index, and a Processing Speed Index.  According to research studies ,modern IQ test is a good predictor of many life outcomes, including educational and career success, health and longevity.

Most commonly used tests for IQ 

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What you need to know to cure skin problems completely

Mind-Brain-Skin Connection:

Stress, depression and anxiety which roots from brain can directly influence the overall health of the skin. The fact that stress can damage skin in many a ways and trigger acne and psoriasis is known to many. But it would be of interest to learn that the relationship between brain and skin is two way.  Not only does the hormones triggered by brain affect the skin,  but the appearance of our skin which at times can cause shame, poor self-image, and low self-esteem can significantly impact our mental health and emotional well-being. The relation between brain and skin is not just about stress alone, but this relationship starts from embryonic stage.  The fact is both skin cells and brain cells develop from the same kind of embryonic tissue, called ectoderm.

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