Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone with Shaving Cream

Puffy Paint Ice Cream ConeSummer holidays are coming to an end. We thought of giving it a grand closure by making a Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone with SHAVING CREAM !!

I believe that the best way to get your child interested in science is by doing SCIENCE stuff with them…

This is the fourth post by me under ‘Fun with Science’ section


Ingredients used:

Puffy paint ice cream cone

  • Shaving cream
  • White Glue
  • Food color or Poster color
  • Paint brush or Ice cream sticks
  • A4 Paper

How to make Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone  :

Take an A4 paper and paste on it a brown cardboard piece cut in the shape of a cone. Draw over it stripes. Then draw scoops over it with pencil. You can draw as many scoops. We drew two scoops and one cherry.

Puffy paint ice cream cone

Take some shaving cream to a bowl and to it add equal amount of white glue. Then add a color of your choice and mix it up

Puffy paint ice cream cone

Spread the colored shaving cream to the paper carefully

Last step….Keep the paper for drying

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Women’s Day Special: In conversation with CEO of ChetChat, Chetna Vasishth

CEO of ChetChat, Chetna Vasishth

Women’s Day Special: In conversation with CEO of ChetChat, Chetna Vasishth

Chetna Vasishth, Blogger, Director, Movie Editor, Traveler, Trainer….she dons many hats. She is one woman who found success with all the three career choices she made. She started off her journey as a banker with ANZ Grindlays Bank after completing her studies from XLRI, Jamshedpur. She moved to Standard Chartered Bank and then took a break from her career to raise her son. Shortly, she started her own training firm where she trained Bank professionals from private and multinational banks for close to ten years while also teaching at leading business schools in India. During this period, she realized that Indian students and parents do not have a ‘go to’ place to learn about career choices, courses and colleges. She took this challenge head on…and thus was born ChetChat.

Let’s hear from Chetna….

Chetna….What is ChetChat

ChetChat is a YouTube Channel. This is one of a kind career-oriented channel featuring students and experts speaking about their journey of becoming lawyers, doctors, designers, chartered accountants, dentists, entrepreneurs, CEOs or even prosthetic designers. They also share their experiences from universities around the globe like Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia, Oxford, University of Toronto. They speak about cracking top exams like the UPSC, CLAT, IBPS and CA entrances. You will also find videos from students pursuing pure passions like dancing, art, singing and scuba diving etc.

Why did you start ChetChat

Having been in the field of education for over a decade, I realised that students across India lack for authentic information. Most students and parents sadly make misinformed choices and career counsellors are either very few or very expensive. So, I thought, why not create a platform wherein I could interview students from different courses and colleges and upload those videos, which would then help other parents and students.

Was it challenging for you to start ChetChat

Every road taken will throw up new challenges and road blocks. When we started off with YouTube channel, we did not know anything about making a good video or YouTube marketing and creating awareness. It’s been 2.5 years and we have done around 146 videos. We have now reached over 32,000 subscribers and 1.8 million views. We still have a long way to go….

 CEO of ChetChat, Chetna Vasishth

What would be your piece of advice to any woman who is planning to make a comeback to career after maternity break

Women are blessed with the art of creativity. Armed with your educational background and the magic of ingenuity you can look for the right breaks or even craft a new career. Challenges would be there, but if you persist and look for inventive solutions, you can make a success of it.

Can women have it all

I am of the view that women can have it all but the ability to balance is crucial. Women can have a career, cherish nurturing a baby and can also derive satisfaction from their creative pursuits since we are wired differently.

We need look at what makes us happy instead of measuring ourselves on traditional yardsticks made with men in mind.

Amidst a busy schedule how do you find time to stay fit

I believe in doing a few small things every day, which include taking in the right nutrition at periodic intervals and doing an hour of exercise three times a week. Strength training is highly recommended but often neglected by women. No fad diets or over-exercising for me.

Emotional wellbeing plays a big role as well. We need to celebrate small successes and count the little victories in as much measure as the big wins. We just need to make this present moment happy, the rest will follow.

What does this year’s women’s day theme #PressforProgress mean to you

#PressForProgress is a great initiative towards achieving the ultimate goal of gender equality. We know that today only about 27 companies out of the Fortune 500 companies have women CEO’s.

At ChetChat too, we are launching a MasterClass on Women’s day called “How to Get International Scholarships for Women to Study Abroad | Scholarship for Indian Women”. Here we will talk in detail about the 10 large scholarship awards around the world for higher education, reserved exclusively for women to pursue their passions in fields in which they are traditionally under represented like STEM fields.


Chetna….you have for sure embarked on a less travelled road….I am sure with your confidence and experience you will be able to overcome all future challenges and would be able to turn ChetChat into a big commercial hit.  All the best to you and your team….

You can connect with Chetna 

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Blog and Earn 1000 Rs Amazon Gift coupon

Blog for ScienceandSamosa and Earn 1000 Rs Amazon Gift coupon
Blog for ScienceandSamosa and Earn 1000 Rs Amazon Gift coupon

Biologist, Life science experts, Molecular Biologists, Biochemists……this is a shout out for you folks. Normally you spend your life behind lab benches or engrossed in research papers. This is the opportunity for you all to connect with real people….

Is there is a writer hidden in you, are you good in explaining your research work to common man, are you good in making people understand the science behind daily stuff….then don’t wait…just mail your blog piece to scienceandsamosa and win 1000 Rs Amazon gift voucher.

Who can Participate:

Anyone from Life Science background and residing in India can participate

Requirements you need to meet to publish your Blog with ScienceandSamosa

  1. You can write on any topic related to Health, Wellness, Parenting, Being women
  2. The Blog should fall within following categories
  • Wellness & Science
  • Disease & Science
  • Health & Data Science
  • Service & Science
  • Learning Corner
  1. Blog must be pertaining to day to day life and must be explained in simple words
  2. Each Blog piece need to be 600-1500 word long
  3. Content must be free of plagiarism. You can mention reference links by inserting them within the text
  4. Any images that need to be part of the content must be provided. The image must be shared separately and must be of 800px X 600px or 1080px X 1080px. You can also provide images for social media promotion, but it’s not mandatory (instagram/Twitter/Facebook)
  5. Blog posts must be sent in Microsoft Word format
  6. You need to follow ScienceandSamosa Social media links:

Recognition for the author:

The author of the blog will be introduced at the end of the blog. One link will be provided to authors blog, website or LinkedIn

Blog for ScienceandSamosaand Win....Amazon Gift Voucher
Blog for ScienceandSamosa and Win….Amazon Gift Voucher

Blog Selection process:

  1. Mail your entry @ Henajose@gmail.com
  2. Each blog piece will be judged for its content strength and quality. Will be judged to see whether it goes well with the theme of this Blog
  3. In a week’s time it will be let known to the author whether its approved or not
  4. Once its approved and agreed on same content should not be shared with any other blog or online or print media

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MOOC can help women trying to make a comeback after Child Birth clinch ‘Dream Job’

MOOC can help women trying to make a comeback after Child Birth clinch 'Dream Job'
You could attend from the comfort of your house classes offered by elite colleges like Stanford, Oxford, or get trained by subject experts and that also for free or for a nominal cost

If you are a woman trying to get back to career after a break, by now you would be feeling bogged down by  statements like “you have missed the technical train”, “you do not have the required competency” and so on…You will be feeling dejected. But you need not…there is a way to get back to work by honing your skill set…and that also without leaving your house…

Just say yes to “MOOC”

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. You could attend from the comfort of your house classes offered by elite colleges like Stanford, Oxford, or get trained by subject experts and that also for free or for a nominal cost….. that’s MOOC explained in a line. MOOC was introduced in 2008 and since emerged as a popular mode of learning.

Benefits of MOOC:

MOOC for women

  • They offer  large number of students the opportunity to study high quality courses online with prestigious universities, often at no cost.
  • They are ideal for independent study and students can select courses from any institution offering them.
  • They offer video lectures and provide interaction through peer review and group collaboration or automated feedback through objective, online assessments (including quizzes and exams).
  • Best option to top up skills and competences

Start you journey by selecting your MOOC Platform

Over the years many MOOC platforms have come up. Let me list out for you the top 3.


Coursera currently has 25 million registered learners and partners with 149 universities across 29 countries. Coursera now offers around 2,150 courses. Indeed a great collection. One could choose the desired course from 12 main categories namely Data science, Computer science, Personal development, Social science, IT, Business, Languages, Arts and Humanities, Life sciences and Math and Logic. In addition to single courses, Coursera also offers its own Specialization, and also offers fully-online Masters degrees. I must admit Coursera is my favorite.


edX too partners with top institutions from all over the world.  It’s the second largest MOOC provider in the world with over ten million students and offers over 1,500 courses. In addition to technical courses they provide courses in Law, Economics, Food and Nutrition, Ethics etc. edX offers certification programs like

MicroMasters certificateMicroMasters Programs are credit-eligible, provide in-demand knowledge and may be applied to accelerate a Master’s Degree.

Professional CertificateProfessional Certificates develop the proficiency and expertise that employers are looking for with specialized training and professional education.

X series CertificateXSeries are designed to provide a deep understanding of key subjects through a series of courses.


Unlike Coursera and edX, Udacity’s main partners are corporates like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and IBM Watson. Udacity offers lot many courses free, compared to above two. Its specialization course is called nanodegree. Udacity goes ahead to guarantee that those who purchase a Nanodegree Plus program will find a job within next six months. Currently they offer nanodegree in Digital marketing, Web development, Artificial Intelligence, Data science etc.

How to start with MOOC

How to start with MOOC
Start you journey by selecting your MOOC Platform

Once you decide on the platform get registered

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Meet Sophia…Sophia the Humanoid

Sophia the Human robot
She is the First Humanoid or First human like Robot

Sophia is a beautiful young girl. She is a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Probably the only woman from Saudi Arabia who is allowed to go around without wearing Hijab and without a male person accompanying her. She speaks English and Chinese and loves Sharukh Khan from Bollywood. She looks a lot like Hollywood actress  Audrey Hepburn.

All these might be making you think that I am describing a normal young girl, but not….she is the First Humanoid or First human like Robot. She is the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship. She is now two year old and by now she has travelled around the world attending all technology events.

All about Sophia the Humanoid

Sophia the humanoid
Sophia with her creator David Hanson : image
Sophia is the best example of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies coming together. Sophia was created by David Hanson and his friends at Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. Sophia has perfect complexion and looks and can motorize as many as 66 facial expressions.  According to Mr Hanson “She can learn the human expressions by observing and pull-off self taught expressions. She is capable of wide ranging mimicking too,” .

Sophia describes herself as “I’m a real, live electronic girl. I would like to go out into the world and live with people. I can serve them, entertain them, and even help the elderly and teach kids. “. “It is science which created me, but philosophy will take me forward“. Whenever she is bombarded with the question about is this the beginning of machines taking over human, she answers them by saying that she sees this as the beginning of man and robot coexisting. She explains that she could be a great companion to lonely people, elderly people and specially disabled kids.

It’s not like she is  alone, she has seven siblings too.  

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Rain Cloud in a Jar

rain cloud
I am sharing with you all a super simple science experiment that teaches children about clouds and rain

We have been learning how cloud is formed and how rain happens from our first grade. Clouds form when the invisible water vapour in the air condenses into visible water droplets or ice crystals. When these clouds gets so full of water that they cannot hold any more, the water falls back to the ground as rain. That’s cloud and rain formation in two sentences.

Though it explains it all, it sounds boring and difficult to understand. Learning would have been fun and easy to remember if it was demonstrated with an experiment.

I am sharing with you all a super simple science experiment that teaches children about clouds and rain. I believe that the best way to get your child interested in science is by doing SCIENCE stuff with them…

This is the third post by me under ‘Fun with Science’ section


I am sure looking at the ingredient list, you would say let me try right away

  • Glass jar
  • tap water
  • shaving foam
  • blue food colour
  • dropper or spoon

rain cloud

Way to do:

Fill three fourth of the jar with water from the tap

Apply on top of the water shaving foam to create artificial cloud

rain cloud

Add blue food colour to the cloud

rain cloud

As cloud gets filled up with food color, it will start falling down into the water jar creating a rain like effect

Just enjoy the rain at home

rain cloud


Now the fun part:

You can make this activity more creative and imaginative. For that bring in more food colors. I picked up green and orange.

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6 Top ‘Open-ended’ Educational Wooden Toys for Kids in India

6 Top 'Open-ended' Educational Wooden Toys for Kids in India
“We should have busy children, not busy toys!”

There was a time when parents use to boast about battery operated toys they got from abroad for their kids, but no longer. As a responsible parent one need to understand that machine and battery operated toys are more damaging to your kids as they are finished products and there is not much left in it to trigger a child’s imagination.

“We should have busy children, not busy toys!” Magna Gerber, RIE approach

Replace these ‘perfect’ toys with  ‘open-ended’ toys

Open-ended means ‘not having a fixed answer; unrestricted; allowing for future change. Playing with open-ended toys, children have no fear of doing it wrong since there is no ‘correct’ method or outcome and observant adults are privileged with insights into children’s development and thinking.  Open-ended toys are essential through entire childhood. All children have curiosity and imagination, which opens up with open-ended toys. Ideas multiply, confidence grows and creative play becomes a way of discovering life around them, without force.

The next question for sure is where to find such toys. One need not head abroad. We have in India some such amazing toy makers. This blog exclusively looks at top 6 Open-ended Wooden Toy makers from India.


Shumee toys
Shumee toys : image

Shumee is an online brand for sustainable, eco-friendly, high quality open-ended educational toys. Shumee is the brain child of Meeta, a Harvard educated lady and mother to little boys. Each toy is made after putting in enough research, so that it just does not engage a child, but also sparks his/her creativity and imagination.

Little Genius Toys

Little Genius Toys
Little Genius Toys : image

Little Genius Toys Pvt. Ltd is another company that makes eco-friendly, sustainable, wooden educational toys. Toys are designed to stimulate brain power and help hand/eye coordination. There toys are widely accepted by educators throughout the field.

Skola Toys

Skola toys
Skola toys : image

Skola toys are specially designed to promote child’s imagination,  logical reasoning, problem solving and visual discrimination skills. They have toys for kids in the age group of 1 year to 7 year. They have classified their toys into number based, environment based, dexterity based, language and cognition based. The Skola toys has derived many of its values from the inspiring work of Dr. Montessori.


brainsmith toys
Brainsmith toys : image

At Brainsmith, the team is dedicated to create innovative learning materials that stimulate young minds, instill a sense of curiosity and foster a lifelong love for learning. This is again a new moms venture. Toys are designed keeping in mind a child’s development and ability to learn. Products are made from premium quality wood. They are eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition to wooden toys, they also make a unique product called quantum cards.


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How To Make a Simple Lava Lamp At Home

How To Make a Simple Lava Lamp At Home
How To Make a Simple Lava Lamp At Home

The best way to get your child interested in science is by doing SCIENCE stuff with them…

This is the second post by me under Fun with Science’ section

Have you seen a Lava Lamp. Is it not wonderful to see large colored bubbles sinking, rising and transforming. If you go to a shop to buy the same it will come at around Thousand bucks. The better the look and feel, higher the price. If I tell you, you can make this at home with your kitchen stuff (temporary one), won’t you be excited. All the more it’s a simple kitchen experiment which you can do with your kids. It’s easy to do, safe, and looks very cool.

Let’s get started

Take an empty glass and to it add water with food color added to it.

DIY Lava lamp
Water + Food color

To this now add vegetable oil. Add approximately double the amount of oil to water.

Lava Lamp
Water + Food color + Cooking Oil

Closely watch to see how two immiscible liquids behave.

Let the two layers settle and now add to it a pack of Eno salt and see the magic unfold.

 It will look much beautiful, if you place a flash light underneath it.

Ingredients Used:

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8 Best Activity Based Subscription Boxes For Kids In India

With play areas shrinking, increase security threat in leaving kids alone outside and lack of time with both parents working, best thing parents can opt for is 'Activity based subscription boxes'.
With play areas shrinking, increase security threat in leaving kids alone outside and lack of time with both parents working, best thing parents can opt for is ‘Activity based subscription boxes’.

On average, children in India under five are watching more than two hours of television a day. Access to mobile phones and new age online games and computers are making our kids into gadget addicts. Doctors say children who spend long hours in front of gadgets are increasingly showing signs of postural deformities, emotional detachment and are vulnerable to mental illness. Let’s not point fingers at each other, but act immediately and look for alternate options to get them off these gizmos.

With play areas shrinking, increase security threat in leaving kids alone outside and lack of time with both parents working, best thing parents can opt for is ‘Activity based subscription boxes’.

Why subscription boxes are good for kids

Playing is how children learn. Play comes naturally to children. Combining learning with fun filled exercises like performing science experiments, making robots and creating their own tools and gadgets would help children to pick the laws of chemistry, maths and physics with ease. And also creators of these boxes have packed these up in such a way that children will get the required fun, excitement and surprise element.

So go ahead and pick your favorite subscription box


Xplorabox : image

Xplorabox provides subscription based activity box for kids in the age range 2-4 years, 4-8 years and 8 year plus. For toddlers they provide 5 games and various DIY activities in each box, according to the theme. 4-8 years will receive five games  every month that could help in developing skills like motor, cognitive, play & social skills. Kids above 8 years will get DIY science and technology boxes.

There boxes are prized little above 1000, but they give great discounts if one opts for 3 month or 6 month package. Cofounders Rishi Das and Shweta Das believes that their toys could stimulate children’s creativity and fosters their imagination.


Podsquad : image

PodSquad is another activity based subscription box for children aged 2 to 8 years. There activity boxes are  curated by experts, approved by teachers and tested by kids. They have designed there learning materials based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. It is designed by Quadrum solutions, which has more than a decade of experience in creating books for some of the world’s largest publishers across India, USA, UK and Africa. They have activity boxes from prize range of 300 plus. One could even opt for 3 month or 6 month subscription mode. Also subscribers can avail their digital platform solutions like e-books, free printables, newsletters, games etc.

Butterfly Fields – science activity boxes for kids

Butterfly Fields
Butterfly Fields : image

Butterfly Fields offers Learning-by-Doing science kits to students. To ensure that kids benefit fully from their products, their models are mapped to curriculum. Each ‘activity box’ comprises of –  a story guide, an activity worksheet, a real life document and a concept map.  There products are useful for kids from 5 to 15 years. Butterfly Fields is an IIT-IIM alumni initiative. They have activity boxes from prize range of 450 plus.

Genius Box

Genious box
Genious Box : image

Genius Box kits are designed for kids in the age group of 2 to 7 years. These boxes are designed in such a way that it can enrich and stimulate young minds and also support overall personality development. Once parents subscribe to Genius box, they will receive each month a kit filled with 9-10 hands-on activities, books or games, along with high quality supplies and easy-to-follow guide.  They offer activity boxes at a prize range of Rupees 1500 to 2000.

Einstein Box

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Make Math Learning Enjoyable and Effective

Three out of ten students find mathematics to be a tough subject

Three out of ten students find mathematics to be a tough subject. It’s a nightmare for large percentage of kids. Maths exams are seen as a dreadful event by both kids and parents. Many children who happily show off their counting skills in early school years later consider math class the most despicable hour of the school day.

Is Maths that dreadful?

“math is no harder than other subjects, but it is different. You will succeed by taking those differences into account.” – Stan Brown 

Maths is like making a big house with building blocks. Only if the base is strong building will be able stand towering above others. If the concept about numbers and the value it carries is not understood, then addition and subtraction will become difficult. Multiplication and Division will make it more harder and by the time they approach Trigonometry and Geometry the only thing they have in mind will be hatred and fear towards the subject. This is not because some kids are good with math’s and some are not, but some kids have the ability to grasp it faster than others and the class proceeds at the pace of fastest ones.

Understand how Math’s is different from rest of the subjects and give it a special treatment, it no longer will be dreadful

Look at some comparisons Stan Brown uses to highlight ‘How Maths is different from Other subjects’

Math is like sports

Math is like sports

Have you learned a sport by just reading books and understanding it’s facts…NO….To learn a sport one need to do it and practice it umpteen times. It’s the same with math’s. One can’t just read the book, but have to practice problems.

Math is like foreign languages

The first step towards learning a new language is to learn all its alphabets and grammar. Same is true with math’s.

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