2017 kicks off with new organ discovery inside human body : “The mesentery”

J Calvin Coffey, a researcher at the University Hospital Limerick discovered it.

So we have now a total of 79 organs including the new one, the mesentery

Mesentery ?

The mesentery is a belt of tissue that holds our intestines in place.  It was earlier thought to be a fragmented structures in the digestive system.

Mesentery is one single band of tissue, beginning at the pancreas and continuing down through the small intestine and colon. It wraps around these vital organs to hold them tight and help them maintain their structure. It is made of a folded-over ribbon of peritoneum, a type of tissue usually found lining the abdominal cavity,  researchers at the University Hospital Limerick reveals.


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Why Science & Samosa ?


“Science is complex, I hate science especially mathematics”, majority of us fall in this group. At least once in lifetime you would have made this statement. But then we all enjoy the fruits of science.  We love using the internet, driving cars, watching television, going in an airplane and so on. So if the fruits of science is so good, its seeds cannot be that bad. We do so many science experiments daily like making dough, baking cakes, wine making, taking pills and many more. We keep reading on topics related to best solution for hair growth, best way to lose weight, manage your ‘x-disease’ doing this etc without knowing what’s the science behind it or how does it actually works.

Interesting facts- The average person, with an average pace, living until 80 years old, will walk the distance of about 110,000 miles. This will match up to walking around the earth 5 TIMES !!!

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