Everything you wanted to know about Human milk bank or ‘liquid gold’ bank

Human milk bank


Human milk bank is all about collecting, screening and distributing human milk donated by women. According to WHO, if mother is unable to breastfeed a baby, the best option is to opt for milk from a human milk bank and not formula milk. Though Human milk banking started informally almost a hundred years ago, the first human milk bank was set up in the United States in mid 1980s. India got its first human milk bank in Mumbai in 1989.

Even then many are not aware of the benefits of human milk bank or about the existence of milk bank. In India lot of social stigma is associated with donating and accepting breast milk. For many it is difficult to accept the thought of feeding their baby with someone else’s milk.  This need to change, if we need to save the lives of millions of new born babies. Especially since according to the World Health Organisation, approximately 13 percent (3.5 million) of the 27 million babies born in India annually are preterm and 28 percent (7.6 million) are born with low birth weight.

What is a Human milk bank:

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8 Subscription based magazine for Children in India

8 Subscription based magazine for Children in India

In this age of technology, where children are surrounded with gadgets and gizmos, it is indeed difficult to instill in them an interest for reading.  But truth is reading interesting articles, stories and facts and engaging in solving puzzles, crosswords, quiz games will nurture their brain and fill them with creative and imaginative thoughts.  It also helps in developing strong vocabulary, cognitive and communication skills. With their minds always looking for fresh content and curious minds always looking for newer challenges, the best option available for parents is to opt for subscription magazines. Every edition of these magazine will have in it stored for kids some surprise element and some intriguing chronicles. The way these magazines compile stories, trivia, brain teasers, riddles, quizzes, logic problem etc makes them most perfect for young readers.

Let’s look at some good magazines which are available for kids in India. You can choose the best one based on your child’s interest.

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The Best and Worst Sleeping Position for your Health

Common sleeping postures


Your sleeping position could be the cause of your back and neck pain, stomach troubles, snoring, even premature aging and wrinkles. You doubt….. “Eighty percent of the population will develop back problems at some point during their lives oftentimes caused or aggravated by the way they sleep,” says a senior orthopedic spine surgeon.

So getting seven hours of sleep alone is not enough, but knowing the right posture that suits your body pattern too is important.

There are three main positions when in bed:

  • On the back
  • On the side
  • On the stomach

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