Are you Looking for good quality Baby Powder

Dusting Powder for Babies
Here I am reviewing for you all ‘Dusting Powder for Babies’ from Asia’s 1st Made Safe Certified Brand Mamaearth

The day you become a parent, you get flooded with all kind of questions and doubts. Should I choose this product or that. Will that be safe for my little one or not. Which product is the best one and many more. When it comes to Baby powder, for sure you would be in double mind. The news about talc based products and its harmful effects on baby lungs would have already made you scared.

But wait…you need not reject out all baby powders. You can still find in the market good quality products made using natural ingredients. Here I am reviewing for you all ‘Dusting Powder for Babies’ from Asia’s 1st Made Safe Certified Brand Mamaearth.

Before explaining you all about this product, first it’s necessary to understand why a parent must buy Baby Powder

  • Absorb extra moisture, sweat and helps in keeping babies skin dry through the day
  • Aid in keeping nasty nappy rashes away
  • Makes skin smooth, keeps away bad odor and makes the baby smell pleasant

All about ‘Dusting Powder for Babies’ from Mamaearth

Dusting Powder for Babies

The product is made from natural ingredients like Organic Oatmeal, Corn Starch, Organic Arrowroot, Roman Chamomile Oil and Lavender Oil.

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Rain Cloud in a Jar

rain cloud
I am sharing with you all a super simple science experiment that teaches children about clouds and rain

We have been learning how cloud is formed and how rain happens from our first grade. Clouds form when the invisible water vapour in the air condenses into visible water droplets or ice crystals. When these clouds gets so full of water that they cannot hold any more, the water falls back to the ground as rain. That’s cloud and rain formation in two sentences.

Though it explains it all, it sounds boring and difficult to understand. Learning would have been fun and easy to remember if it was demonstrated with an experiment.

I am sharing with you all a super simple science experiment that teaches children about clouds and rain. I believe that the best way to get your child interested in science is by doing SCIENCE stuff with them…

This is the third post by me under ‘Fun with Science’ section


I am sure looking at the ingredient list, you would say let me try right away

  • Glass jar
  • tap water
  • shaving foam
  • blue food colour
  • dropper or spoon

rain cloud

Way to do:

Fill three fourth of the jar with water from the tap

Apply on top of the water shaving foam to create artificial cloud

rain cloud

Add blue food colour to the cloud

rain cloud

As cloud gets filled up with food color, it will start falling down into the water jar creating a rain like effect

Just enjoy the rain at home

rain cloud


Now the fun part:

You can make this activity more creative and imaginative. For that bring in more food colors. I picked up green and orange.

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A Health Community Platform for New Age Women

Think women,think SHEROES
SHEROES is a secure growth and networking platform exclusively for aspiring women who want more from life

We are new age tech savvy, digitally driven women living in a super fast world. Though we are connected all the time through social media and apps, research says that women of this age are more lonely than ever. Work pressure, child rearing, career aspirations and many more have taken away from women of this age time to bond, share, laugh and communicate.

The above story is very much true in my case. I am a mother to two daughters, a blogger, data scientist, home maker and many more. In the process of trying to excel in all these roles (I emphasize the word trying…I am no superwoman) I fail to connect with my friends and do not know whom to turn to when I need some guidance in maintaining good health. So I thought I must find a good online platform that can play the role of my health counselor.

My search stopped at Sheroes. SHEROES is a secure growth and networking platform exclusively for aspiring women who want more from life. Through digital way and offline medium,  SHEROES  helps women in overall growth. The fact that 3 million women uses Sheroes to connect, share and grow is enough to prove that this platform is ideal for a woman like me. So I went ahead and joined their Health community group.


As a Health community member I get the following benefits:

  1. Ability to connect to women of my age at any time of the day

This is the best thing I must say. At any time of the day we come across a health problem, whether its pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, newborn care, midlife health, breast health, fertility, pelvic health related, just type the question and we will have members of the group sharing their answers, opinions right away. This is really helpful and all the more can be followed with trust, as people share the suggestions and opinions based on their own firsthand experience

Connect to women of my age at any time of the day
  1. Get to hear from experts and doctors

It’s just not peers who respond to the question, but doctors and experts are part of this group and they step in to give their suggestions. I found this really beneficial, as I was able to get views from an expert, without spending a penny and without stepping out of my house !!

  1. Option to communicate by staying as anonymous

As women we face many health issues. A lot we are hesitant to ask, thinking what others might think. Sheroes understood this need of women and has given the option to post your question as anonymous. Voila ! post all your questions related to sexual wellness, menstrual problems and pregnancy issues and get answers from experts and experienced women.

Option to communicate by staying as anonymous
  1. Option to ask questions privately

This is another great feature. There are moments in life or situations in life where we find ourselves alone. What we need would be a person to share our problem or agony. Sheroes gives an option to talk to SHEROES counsellor in private.


  1. If you have your phone with you, then you will have Sheroes Health community with you

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6 Top ‘Open-ended’ Educational Wooden Toys for Kids in India

6 Top 'Open-ended' Educational Wooden Toys for Kids in India
“We should have busy children, not busy toys!”

There was a time when parents use to boast about battery operated toys they got from abroad for their kids, but no longer. As a responsible parent one need to understand that machine and battery operated toys are more damaging to your kids as they are finished products and there is not much left in it to trigger a child’s imagination.

“We should have busy children, not busy toys!” Magna Gerber, RIE approach

Replace these ‘perfect’ toys with  ‘open-ended’ toys

Open-ended means ‘not having a fixed answer; unrestricted; allowing for future change. Playing with open-ended toys, children have no fear of doing it wrong since there is no ‘correct’ method or outcome and observant adults are privileged with insights into children’s development and thinking.  Open-ended toys are essential through entire childhood. All children have curiosity and imagination, which opens up with open-ended toys. Ideas multiply, confidence grows and creative play becomes a way of discovering life around them, without force.

The next question for sure is where to find such toys. One need not head abroad. We have in India some such amazing toy makers. This blog exclusively looks at top 6 Open-ended Wooden Toy makers from India.


Shumee toys
Shumee toys : image

Shumee is an online brand for sustainable, eco-friendly, high quality open-ended educational toys. Shumee is the brain child of Meeta, a Harvard educated lady and mother to little boys. Each toy is made after putting in enough research, so that it just does not engage a child, but also sparks his/her creativity and imagination.

Little Genius Toys

Little Genius Toys
Little Genius Toys : image

Little Genius Toys Pvt. Ltd is another company that makes eco-friendly, sustainable, wooden educational toys. Toys are designed to stimulate brain power and help hand/eye coordination. There toys are widely accepted by educators throughout the field.

Skola Toys

Skola toys
Skola toys : image

Skola toys are specially designed to promote child’s imagination,  logical reasoning, problem solving and visual discrimination skills. They have toys for kids in the age group of 1 year to 7 year. They have classified their toys into number based, environment based, dexterity based, language and cognition based. The Skola toys has derived many of its values from the inspiring work of Dr. Montessori.


brainsmith toys
Brainsmith toys : image

At Brainsmith, the team is dedicated to create innovative learning materials that stimulate young minds, instill a sense of curiosity and foster a lifelong love for learning. This is again a new moms venture. Toys are designed keeping in mind a child’s development and ability to learn. Products are made from premium quality wood. They are eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition to wooden toys, they also make a unique product called quantum cards.


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Beer for Beautiful Hair: Does It Really Work?

beer for hair
Priyanka Chopra is another actress who vouches for beer and egg combination for hair care

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones once said “I do condition my hair with honey and beer. I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards, but it’s very good for the hair”. Priyanka Chopra is another actress who vouches for beer and egg combination for hair care.

Don’t turn your head away,  Zeta-Jones and Priyanka are celebrities who swears by the benefits of washing hair with beer. And to let you know this is by no means a new fad and women have been using beer to enhance their hair for decades.

Does Beer really work for your hair

The answer is yes. Beer which is made from malt and hops through fermentation process contains several nutrients that benefits the hair. Beer is rich in B vitamins, maltose, sucrose, and protein and beer also contains magnesium, phosphorus and potassium which make beer a valuable hair care for hair

  • Beer proteins helps to repair damaged hair
  • B vitamins in beer are good for hair growth
  • Beer contains silica too – a mineral which helps to add volume to hair
  • Maltose present in beer helps to strengthen hair
  • Sucrose gives natural shine to hair and tightens hair cuticles
  • Beer treatment gives hair more volume and makes it appear more thicker
  • Beer also contains Biotin, a much needed nutrient for healthy hair growth. Biotin can also aid in preventing dandruff, itchy scalp and hair loss
  • Beer is great in absorbing excess oil

Take a note:

Beer works wonder on oily hair with regular problems of dandruff and itchiness, whereas this solution is not for people with dry hair.

Best way to use it

At the end of the shower, pour flat beer (leave the beer bottle open overnight before applying to hair) over hair straight from roots and allow it to stay for about 3-4 minutes. Rinse it off then with cold water. To avoid the beer stink, follow it up with a fragrant conditioner. Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can also be added to the beer to prevent the bad smell.

Make your own Beer shampoo:

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Top 6 Health Benefits of Vitamin B2

Health Benefits of Vitamin B2Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin plays a major role in breaking down carbohydrates. It also acts as an antioxidant and can tackle tumors and slow down aging. Riboflavin is needed to activate vitamin B6. Since this vitamin is water soluble, it cannot be stored in the body and should be consumed every day.

Zenith Nutrition has developed a wonderful product which you can take daily to tide over Vitamin B2 deficiency. Let’s explore little more about Vitamin B2 benefits, before discussing product details

Vitamin B2 to Tackle Migraine

There is enough research proof to believe that Vitamin B2  can help to decrease the severity of migraine. Scientists have found that migraine patients who took required doses of riboflavin got lesser headaches over a 3-month period and that also without any side effects.

Vitamin B2 is key to maintaining healthy thyroid function

Vitamin B2 is required for normal thyroid function. In absence of B2, T4 levels goes down and also adrenal glands fail to secrete their hormones. Vitamin B2 deficiency results in under active thyroid and ultimately lead to weight gain and other problems.

Vitamin B2 and Autism

Research suggests that in the urine of autistic children levels of dicarboxylic acids (abnormal organic acids)  reduces following supplementation with vitamin B2, along with vitamin B6, and magnesium.

Vitamin B2 and Parkinson’s

Patients with Parkinson’s disease who had vitamin B2 riboflavin deficiency, when supplemented with riboflavin showed significant improvement in motor capacity

Include Vitamin B2 to avoid Cataract

Vitamin B2 is important for normal vision. Doctors suggest that Vitamin B2 can help to prevent cataracts and damage to eye lens. Vitamin B2 is required to protect glutathione, an important antioxidant in the eye.

Beat Eating Disorder with Vitamin B2

Research says that approximately 20% of people with anorexia admitted to hospital are deficient in vitamins B2 and B6. Dietary changes along with vitamin B2 supplements, can bring vitamin B levels back to normal. It will also help to alleviate stress and reduce symptoms of depression, frequently associated with eating disorders.

Note these points when you take Vitamin B2

  • Sulfa drugs, anti-malarial drugs, oestrogen and alcohol may interfere with riboflavin metabolism
  • High doses of riboflavin can reduce the effectiveness of the anti cancer drug methotrexate
  • Some antibiotics and phenothiazine drugs may increase riboflavin excretion
  • Riboflavin may be inhibited by major tranquilizers and some anti-depressants
  • Vitamin B2 is not recommended during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding

All about Zenith’s Vitamin B2

To know more about Zenith Nutrition and Products click here

All about Zenith’s Vitamin B2

Dosage: One capsule a day or as directed by the physician

Availability: One could buy this product from Zenith nutrition website or from amazon, nykaa or similar ecommerce sites

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It’s 2018….How to Stick to your New Year resolutions

New Year 2018

Scientific insights to help you stick to your new year resolution this time

We said bye to 2017 and are in the first week of 2018. Right time to make this year’s new year resolutions. As records says nearly 45% people make new year resolutions but less than 10% stick to their decisions. Despite repeated failings, we keep trying. This yearly tradition dates as far back as Ancient Rome. I am sure if you look into this year’s list there would be some carry over’s from last year like lose weight, quit smoking, join gym, restrict gadget usage and so on.

Mark Griffiths, professor at Nottingham Trent University states that the main reason that people don’t stick to their resolutions is that they set too many goals or they’re unrealistic to achieve. They may also be victims of “false hope syndrome”.

Despite repeated failure at attempts to change aspects of their behavior, people make frequent attempts at self-change. This cycle of failure and renewed effort is known as “false hope syndrome”

Neuroscience research indicates that our brains hate change. We are creatures of habit and are “wired to seek rewards and avoid pain or discomfort, including fear.” When we get scared after setting a goal, this often makes it more difficult to achieve. We then go back to what makes us comfortable.

Let’s set our resolution this time little different

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